Standards Based

All in One Platform


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I am a(n) ...

Use Standards Based Data

Create Alignment & Target, Monitor Progress

  • Provide data to demonstrate accountability on student growth
  • One literacy assessment and instruction framework across languages to enable easy collaboration among teachers
  • Data-driven conversation with parents

Time Efficient Way to Meet My Students' Needs

  • Scope and Sequence for all language domains
  • Auto-graded assessments to tell student’s level
  • Assessment data connects into resources
  • Video lessons and guided practice for all domains

Motivation to progress forward

  • Clear expectations of learning goal


  • Practice oral language with friends in ChatterCity
  • Reward practice with coins to improve student’s avatar

Hear from Instructional Leaders how Level Learning is integrated with their curriculum

Our Schools

Over 75,000 students at K-5/K-8 immersion schools, bilingual schools, international schools, foreign language classes in middle and high schools are now using Level Learning! Here are a few of the schools: