Standards Mapping

Based on well researched language frameworks, the Level Learning team developed a set of systematic and demonstrable interpersonal oral, reading and writing levels and standards.

在针对各类语言框架进行了充分的研究后,Level Learning团队自主研发了一套系统化的语言分级标准,内容覆盖

ACTFL Proficiency Level Mapping to Level Learning

Chinese Reading 中文阅读

Chinese Writing 中文写作

Chinese Interpersonal Oral 中文日常交际口语

Level Learning’s levels and standards were developed based on the Common Core ELA Anchor Standards. The diagram below shows the relationship between Common Core Anchor Standards and Level Learning reading and writing standards.

Level Learning的级别和标准是基于Common Core ELA Anchor Standards而制定的。从下面的图表中可以看出Common Core Anchor Standards和Level Learning阅读及写作标准之间的关系。

Common Core for ELA
Language and Reading Anchor Standards

Common Core for ELA
Writing Anchor Standards

Oral Standards

中国语文课程标准确定了识字、读、写和说的标准。这些标准通过教授相应年级的课本得以体现。我们详细地分析了中国语文课程标准,发现这些标准与美国共同核心标准阅读的框架有共通之处。由于Level Learning标准是基于美国共同核心标准框架,因此可以说Level Learning标准与中国语文课程标准有共通之处。请查看下面的概述。详细的对应分析文件可以在登录后查看。

Chinese National Curriculum (中国语文课程标准) identifies standards for character recognition, reading, writing and speaking. These standards are expected to be instructed along with the textbooks designated for each grade. We unpacked the reading standards and found that they correlate with the Common Core Reading Framework. Since Level Learning standards are designed based on Common Core Framework, Level Learning’s standards also correlate with Chinese National Curriculum (中国语文课程标准). Please see below for high level summary. Detailed mapping is available after login.

我们根据Level Learning的文本分级标准,以部编版语文课本作为参考,为一到九年级的大部分课文进行了分级。下面的表格展示了每册课本主要覆盖的等级分布。这些等级可以和各年级的目标等级相互参照,并且得到了北京某所知名双语学校的验证。这些年级的目标等级设置是根据Level Learning评估系统多年来累积的测试数据分析得出的。因为中国语文课程标准和Level Learning标准都是基于类似的框架,所以教师可以参考和结合Level Learning的相应等级来指导和准备语文课本的教学。同时,教师还可以从Level Learning的测试系统中获得数据,从而进一步指导学生的学习。

Using Level Learning Text Complexity Standards, we identified the level of most texts in the G1-9 textbooks using 部编版语文课本 as a reference. The table below shows the key range of text levels in each textbook. These levels were further cross-referenced with the grade level performance targets and validated by a leading bilingual school in Beijing, China. The grade level performance targets were set based on multiple years of collected student data using the Level Learning assessments. Given CNC and Level Learning standards are based on similar framework, teachers can plan instruction of a text in the textbook using standards in the matching level within Level Learning. In addition, teachers can obtain data on student learning based on assessment results in Level Learning system.