Phonics and Phonemic Awareness

Our English phonics program offers a structured, syllabic instructional approach that builds up from syllable to word recognition skills through manipulation of phonemes, blending and segmentation. 

Detailed lessons, visually engaging syllabic books, student worksheets, manipulative cards and posters support a clear and research-based cumulative progression of decoding and encoding skills. See the scope and sequence below for details. Interactive online games will also be available to encourage independent practice.

Scope and Sequence

The Alphabet Song

The Long Vowel Song

The Inflected Endings Song
The Comparatives Song

The Complex Vowels Song
The Compound Words Song
The Consonant Digraphs Song
The Contractions Song

The Diphthongs Song

The r-Controlled Vowels Song
The Initial Consonant Blends Song
The Open and Closed Syllables Song
The Final Consonant Blends Song
The Long e Vowel Teams ea, ee Song
The Long Vowel Teams oa, ow Song
The Long Vowel Teams ai, ay Song
The Long Vowel Teams u, ew, u_e, ue, ui Song
The Long Vowel Teams igh, ie, y Song
The Short and Long oo Song