Interpersonal Oral Pilot Starting Feb. 16, 2021 through May 14, 2021

We hope to learn the following from teachers and students


  • Ensure there is engagement.  If students are engaged, learning will happen.
  • Ensure students feel our language levels progress properly and naturally.


  • The game is a great enrichment tool.  Do you see the game connecting with the curriculum?
  • Each mini-game typically takes 10-15 minutes.  How would you allocate time for students to play this game?  Would it be used during in-person/synchronous class time, asynchronous class time or more as “homework”?
  • How would time allocation be different for in-person vs. distance learning?


We appreciate your feedback.  The game is provided for FREE during the pilot.

Technical Requirements

  • Our game is a browser based application. We support Chrome on MAC, Windows and Chromebooks and Safari on iPads running iOS 13.x or higher
  • Each student must have a set of headphones

What we need from you

  • Commit to a minimum of 20 minutes per week of usage.  Each mini-game typically takes around 10 minutes.  You can ask students to play during synchronous/in-person class time or asynchronous time.
  • Fill out a questionnaire at the end of the pilot for us to collect feedback.
  • Provide testimonials based on your pilot experience.

Steps to Sign Up

(A) If you are coordinating the pilot for your school or district, please email

(B) If you are an individual teacher who wants to pilot with your class of students

Step 1 : Download Excel roster template here

Step 2 : Complete roster template

In the template Excel spreadsheet, there are two TABs.   One for student information and the other one for teacher information.  We need information to create account for teachers to monitor student activities, listen to student recording in the game and for students to access the game.  Each student needs an unique username.  We recommend using student id for both username and password as students are likely to already remember their student ids.  We respect student privacy so we do not need complete or real first and last names.  But you need to be able to tell students apart on the activity tracking screen.

Step 3 : Complete and submit this form.  Put the link to the completed roster in the form.

We will respond with account information and training support.