Explore the City

Click on the red arrows on the yellow brick roads to explore the city.  Click on a building to play games.

Connect with a Friend!

Invite a friend to chat, explore the city together and play games in the different buildings.

6 Novice (A-F) Levels : Scaffolding from Vocabulary to Simple Sentences to Questions

Learning takes place in a game setting where 2 students “compete” with each other recognizing and repeating vocabulary, simple sentences and questions.

We also offer this same game in a single player format.

Speed Games

“Parrot” vocabulary, simple sentences and questions in context

Speed Pair Games

Scaffold to questions and answers that require comprehension

4 Intermediate (I,K,M,O) Levels : Apply Language to Accomplish Everyday Life “Quests”

Each quest is an information gap game.  Two students are given limited time to work collaboratively to solve quests related to real life scenarios.  The complexity of the information and the gap increases as we move up in levels.

All intermediate level games require 2 players.

Play For Rewards!

Coins earned from learning games allow you to decorate avatar and your pet.

Fun Game and Standards Based